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From Mont Serain to the summit of Ventoux, 10km

1 Bypass the caravaneige on the right. Continue on the road until the junction of Contract-1 (1406 m).


2 Turn right onto the path leading to the GR. After a short descent, reach the "Renaissance of the Primary Forest" desk (joining with the GRs arriving from the Contract shelter).


3 Resume the climb, opposite (new desk: "The relic trees"). After one elbow, reach the old separation of GR (Combe de la Mine).


4 Go right on the GR 4 path, which reaches a horizontal forest path (les Mélèzes, 1 536 m).


5 Cross the path, go up the path in the forest. At the third bend, walk forward (caution!) To admire the combe of Fontfiole.


6 The laces tighten, the path grazes the road and continues its ascent in the rock until the D 974 under the summit. Take the road on the left for 100 m to the orientation table.


7 By road, reach the summit, at the foot of the tower (huge panorama).


Round trip recommended at the south slope orientation table.


8 By the uphill route, return to the orientation table of the north bend. 7 Follow the road for 100 m then, on the right, go down the slope by the path zigzagging in the stones then in the forest. Continue downhill until you reach the Mélèzes crossroads.


5 Turn left onto the grassy forest path, slightly uphill.

Go past the "Rare Birds" desk, continue horizontally. Pass the desk

"The avalanche (February 1963)". The path describes a wide curve, narrows, becomes rocky and then rises for 250 m.

Continuing flat, he joined a grassy ski slope that went down on his right. 100 m later, on a bump, turn right at the gap in the forest, pass next to the water tank and bend right down to the back of the campsite. Go left to return to his entrance.

Practical information Mont Serain at the top of Ventoux:

Parking: Before the camping-caravan of Mont-Serain, east of the station by the D 974

Difficulty level: Medium - 10km - 3h30

Altitude difference: 575m

Markings: 1 to 3: yellow (silhouette of an entomologist + snowshoes)

                 3 to 7: white-red

                 7 to 8: untagged

                 8 to 7: untagged

                 7 to 5: white-red

                 5 to 1: yellow (silhouette of an entomologist + snowshoes)