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Some of our favorites


Le combe de curnier

Le Combe de Curnier (Bédoin), 10km

Le Combe de Curnier is a gorge not far from Bédoin. Via a small road you come to a parking lot les Colombets, just after the chambre d'Hote de Curnier. The route first follows a slightly wider path between the bushes and trees. Left and right you see the rock walls going straight up. Soon the path becomes narrower.


Les Dentelles

Le Tour des Dentelles de Montmirail, 11,2 km

Varied walk through the vineyards, forests and around the whimsical rocks of the Dentelles de Montmirail. This rock formation is located between the valley of the Rhone and the Ventoux and has a huge attraction for climbers. You will therefore see them climbing and abseiling in various places on the rocks.


Les Rochers des Rams

Les Rochers des Rams, 7km

Halfway up the road which goes from the town of Malaucène to the top, this hike near the preserved zones gives great views of the north and south sides of Mont Ventoux. 



A very pleasant aquatic hike, very busy in the summer but which will refresh and please young and old.



A beautiful walk from Mont Serain to the Ventoux


Gorges de la Nesque

A magnificent walk in one of the most beautiful canyons from the provence, with a spectacular path leading down to the botttom of the canyon.