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You can also drive up Mont Ventoux from Malaucène. This side is perhaps a little less steep than the ascent from Bédoin but more irregular. After about 15 km you will reach the Mont Serein ski station with Chalet Liotard, where you can eat or drink something. Then it is another 6 km to the top that you reach from the north side. Along the way there are certainly some photo opportunities. Malaucène itself has a very beautiful and compact historic center with many surprising little streets and a large Romanesque castle church, which was part of the city walls. Restaurants, cafes and cyclists dominate the large village square. A ring road with plane trees runs around the town. Very nice! Crestet and Entrechaux lie between Malaucène and Vaison-la-Romaine. In Crestet time stood still ... Enjoy the beautiful view of the region here. Entrechaux is one of the most beautiful villages around Mont Ventoux, known for its truffles. Feel like enjoying some water during the warm summer months? Then in Entrechaux you can follow the arrows to the river Toulourenc. Armed with food, drinks, water shoes and clothing that can get wet, the riverbed is a true hiking paradise and a wonderful place for a picnic.

The Ouvèze River runs right through Vaison-la-Romaine, separating the new part from the old and higher part of the city. A well-known view is the bridge over the river with the ruins of the castle higher up. Vaison-la-Romaine is, as the name suggests, known for its Roman excavations that you can visit.

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