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The gorges de la Nesque via Monieux, 8,3km

(D / A) Take the tarmac road that goes north-northeast towards the village of Monieux, marked Yellow and Orange.

Arriving on the D942, cross it to take in front the street that goes right towards the remains of the castle.

(1) At the next crossroads, take Rue Pré d'Estève on the left which indicates the direction of GR9. Very quickly, the tar gives way to a small path that runs along a house on the right (a large crucifix adorns the gable). The trail joins the GR9, marked Red and White, continue straight on the mountainside with views of the lake. Join a cross at a level.

(2) Turn left at the signpost of the Chapel Trail. At the next junction, the trail leads to two wider paths, continue on the left, to very quickly arrive on the road (D942).

(3) Cross it and begin the descent in the gorge towards the Saint-Michel Chapel. A sign warns of danger because there are overhanging cliffs, but if you do not move away from the trail, there is nothing to fear.

(4) Arrived at the Saint-Michel chapel, just after, cross the Nesque towards Saint-Hubert and La Peisse (this fording can be difficult after heavy rains). The trail goes up on the left bank under overhanging cliffs, then offers magnificent views higher up, on the passages in balcony. At a crossroads, go left, (leave the path that goes to the right). Join a T-junction at the sign La Peisse.

(5) Leave the GR and turn left towards Monieux and Font de Jean, the signposting becomes Yellow and Orange.

(6) At Font de Jean junction, take the left lane towards Bourget Lake.

The path ends smoothly, then along the Nesque to reach the lake and the parking of departure (D / A).

Information The Gorges de la Nesque via Monieux:

Parking: Park at Bourget Lake in Monieux

Difficulty level: Medium - 8.3km - 3:15

Altitude difference: 383m