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In the region of Sault

If you continue from the point de vue of the Gorges de la Nesque towards Sault, you will pass the pretty village of Monieux on your left. Take a moment to visit this village.

Sault itself is an old fortified village, situated on a rocky spur of the "Plateau de Vaucluse". The village overlooks "Val de Sault", a beautiful valley with large lavender fields surrounded by Mont Ventoux, the Gorges de la Nesque and the Col ND des Abeilles. Sault is the center of lavender cultivation. The bloom of the lavender is most beautiful after 15 June. The big harvest festival takes place on 15 August, during which competitions such as harvesting lavender with sickle (for both professionals and amateurs) are held. A true experience!

You can also drive up the Mont Ventoux from Sault. This climb is less steep but longer. After 20 km you will reach Chalet Reynard. The last 6 km are the same as the ascent from Bédoin.

Further beyond Sault is the very charming village of Banon. At the highest point, next to the recently restored old hospital, a breathtaking view of the lavender fields awaits you in the right season. But in Banon you can also buy very tasty goat cheese (washed in eau de vie and wrapped in a chestnut leaf) and the typical "brindilles". These are long sausages in all kinds of flavours and very popular for the picnic. And then there is "Le Bleuet", the largest bookstore in the French countryside. For those who like to read this is definitely a "must"!