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Perched villages
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Montbrun-les-Bains is a small village that leans against a hill at an altitude of 600 meters opposite Mont Ventoux. This location protects the village against mistral and heat. The old clock tower and the beautiful fountain are striking. The water in Montbrun-les-Bains is said to have healing effects and has attracted spa guests since Roman times. Even today there is a reputed spa with a beautiful location. Ideal to be completely pampered in a beautiful setting!

Brantes is one of the most beautiful villages around Mont Ventoux. It is very picturesque and has a beautiful location again ... A visit to "Faïence de Brantes", next to the 16th-century chapel, is worthwhile, just like the auberge. Or you can go to the Véronique Dornier workshop. She makes small colourful painted statuettes from clay, the so-called "santons". Real people have once been the model for all these figures!