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The south of Bédoin

Venasque is a very picturesque village with a beautiful view. Venasque is known for its cherries, so definitely taste thoses! Interesting to know: the cherries in the Ventoux region have been awarded the IGP label (Indication Géographique Protegée) "Cerises des coteaux du Ventoux". This label guarantees the origin and quality of the cherries.

Pernes-les-Fontaines is mainly known for its 40 fountains, which you can admire during the walk “Le Circuit des Fontaines”. Thanks to this route you will also discover many small streets that you otherwise might had ignored. 

In Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, the Sorgue River rises in a special way. The water comes up from a very deep source (308 m!). Thanks to the current on the Sorgue, there are still a few water wheels that have been preserved. In the past there were paper and wool factories that used this energy and ensured the growth of the village. Now there is one paper mill that you can visit and that sells really beautiful and unique paper products.

Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is completely surrounded by the water of the Sorgue, so you are obliged to take one of the bridges over the Sorgue to visit the city. Here too you will find many waterwheels that bear witness to a rich industrial past, mainly associated with wool and silk. On Sunday there is the impressive market along the Sorgue. In addition to the typical Provencal products, you will also find antique and antique items.